Saturday, 15 September 2007

Castle Ward fun!

Today is the day of the Summer Madness staff reunion BBQ. Loads of them are doing raft building and the like all afternoon but I won't be joing in the fun as I have yet to buy so much as a burger bap. Oops! Tescos will have to be used (grrrr) but shall hopefully save the day.

After all that fun and frolics I think I might need to come home and url up in a wee ball. Last night we went to a lovely restaurant but I'm still all sick so ate almost nothing (this is most unlike me!). Afterwards my sister and her boyfriend and I went to the pub and the two drinks or something that I had resulted in a world of pain last night. Have decided that tummy only like yoghurt and weetabix at the minute! Please pray that this will all get sorted soon: I want tasty dinners back!

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