Thursday, 10 April 2008

I often wander how on Earth we end up with the sets of beliefs and values that define us. As a Co. Antrim Christian, I feel constantly pushed into a mould that, well, doesn't quite fit.

Yesterday in a coffee shop I overheard a couple talk about 'Christians who drink'. Its a favourite hot topic round here, and one that I personally have grown confident in ignoring. Maybe I'll do a special blog sometime all about why. They then seemed to draw up a definitive list about what a Christian was to them, with all sorts of things on that I just couldn't get my head around.

Later on, I was going to get my car, and one of these people was getting into the car beside me. They sped all the way home.

Who decides what 'rules' are good and bad? Surely I shouldn't be annoyed because all sin is equal? Is driving over the speed limit somewhat less bad than appreciation for Merlot?


Confused of Geeksville

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