Thursday, 8 November 2007

Flippin uni

I really am not an academic. I think I'll do OK in my degree, if I have to do something postgrad to get a job, so be it, but I am no academic. The whole notion of sitting in a library really musty books and trying to sound intellectual really does repulse me.

I couldn't hand in my essay this morning because I had been sick all night and would probably have driven into a ditch or something on the way up to Coleraine. I just sent a few friends a text message to tell them, and they all think I have nothing to worry about because my essays will be great anyway.

I am now point blank terrified. I KNOW I can talk for Ireland, and love newspapers and online news stories and blogs and stuff to have a pretty good idea of what is happening around me. I can argue a black crow is white, and usually win. Why oh why, when it comes to putting stuff on paper, can I not do it?

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